Love Practical

Abinash Raj


‘There is nothing called love. Everywhere you will find relationships based on mutual need of two persons. So you find your way as I have no interest in you’, the girl told a person seeming her ex-lover. The boy replied back ‘so you mean that the time we spent together during past several years is a waste…...’ ‘Who told waste? Even today I consider you as one of my best friends!’ the girl told. ‘Ok! As you wish’ the boy replied & turned back towards his bike parked at a distance rubbing his forehead. It was a hot afternoon after two showers of rain during day time in the month of July & the traffic on the road was normal as usual. 


‘Can’t you hear me? I’m waiting in front of the entrance of IG Park. Find one ice-cream vendor near Soochana Bhawan boundary wall, who is dressed in a black T-shirt. You will get me standing nearby… the girl was speaking someone over mobile who seemed to be her boy friend. 7-8 minutes later… a boy, tall and dressed neatly, arrived driving a motor cycle. Within no time he located the girl of his dreams smiling at him and smiled back. He locked his bike there & both headed towards the park entrance. ‘Why you made me wait for nearly half an hour. I was scared of that black man looking at me vigorously. Henceforth come in perfect time’ the girl told the boy pointing towards a cigarette smoking young man. ‘Ok! As you wish’ the boy replied while checking the purse inside his back pocket. ‘IT sector is reviving & top companies are planning to recruit more number of staffs within next six months’ the Soochana Bhawan mike announced…..



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