Content Sections

The articles in our magazine have been categorised into the following sections: 

* Editorial or Sampaadakiya                   

* Bishesa Prasanga or Special Topic  

* Odisha                                                                                             

* Articles on Various Issues                              

* Art and Artist                                                                                        

* Odia Galpa                                                                                 

* English Stories                                        

* Odia Kabita                                                

* English Poems                                        

Writings in both Odia and English language get published in the magazine on quarterly basis (every three months). There are six broad sections of the magazine where articles, stories and poems are placed as per the categorisation. These are namely
* Editorial
* Bishesa Prasanga or Special Topic
* Odisha
* Articles
* Stories
* Poems

  • ~ The Editorial is written in Odia or/and in English language.

    ~ Bishesa Prasanga or The Special Topic comes in Odia language only which intends to put a thorough discussion on any burning social or economic issue.

    ~ The Odisha section comprises of a serial description of Odia Bhagabata of Atibadi Jagannath Das in Odia and other writings on culture, heritage, history, art and literature pertaining to Odisha only. The whole purpose behind this section of the magazine is to unify Odias and to promote Odia language and culture across the globe. This section of the magazine puts writings both in Odia and English.

    ~ The Article section of the magazine consists of articles on different fields of knowledge, expertise and information both in Odia and English language.

    ~ In the Stories section, both Odia and English stories are being published in two sub-sections. There is a special sub-section of "Ramya Rachana" or Humorous story in Odia story section.

    ~ In the Poetry section, poetries in both Odia and English language are being published in two sub-sections. In the Odia Poetry section, as the opening poem, one of the poems of Odisha’s greatest poets is chosen and regularly published in each edition as "Amara Kabita" (Immortal Classic Poem) as a remembrance and honour to the great poets of Odisha.

    ~ There is also an Art & Artist section which displays splendid art work of a known master artist with introduction of the artist. Gradually it will be extended to display artworks of new artists as well. 
All the stories, poems and articles of Ama- Odisha E- magazine are the original thoughts of the contributors. The writings are verified thoroughly to avoid piracy and duplicity.