The Rainbow Gold

Suryakanti Mohanty
Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Puducherry- 605002

Miss Suryakanti is a spiritual and kindly person based at Puduchery. She has considerable interest in literature and philosophy. 

A short story for my children

Sarat and Sisir were two little brothers who studied in a boarding school. Once they had come to their village to spend their summer vacations. One fine morning their grandmother called them to show something spectacular. And on seeing the beautiful rainbow across the sky, the two kids were filled with amazement. Grandmother said, “It is a heavenly rainbow you see there. Also there is a pot of gold at the end of it.”

“Let’s go in search of it. It will be fun”, the boys exclaimed.
“That’s fine, but for hunting treasure one must have great courage and hope”, Grandmother warned.

The boys set out on their journey, each carrying a bag for the precious gold. Sarat headed towards the hills. After a long day’s walk he felt tired and thirsty. As he was looking for water he met an old man who was very kind to him and invited him to visit his green farm nearby.

The farm was full of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Birds were chirruping. The old man gave Sarat some fruits to eat; then Sarat drank some pure spring water. Sitting under the shade of a tree, the old man explained to him how important trees are to the earth. Then he filled Sarat’s bag with fruits and vegetables. Gratefully thanking his new friend, Sarat bade him good-bye and returned home whistling with joy on the way. 
Sisir, meanwhile, took a narrow road. He walked and walked and walked till he came to a river where he stopped and drank water to his heart’s content. There he was surprised to see a man throwing a net into the water and wanted to know what he was doing. So the man taught him how to catch fish with that net and then gave it to him to have a try. Sisir caught a number of fish and filled his bag. Then he thanked the man and returned home singing songs. 
On the way back home, the two brothers met and returned together. 
Surprised to see them, grandmother asked, “Your bags are full. Where did you get these from?” 
“From an old man in a farm” said Sarat.
“From a fisherman on a far-off river” replied Sisir. 
She exclaimed, “What a good work you have done!”
Sarat answered, “But these are not gold.”
Grandmother smiled softly and spoke, “this is real gold.”

Sarat said, “We have decided to have our higher education on farming and fishing. We will have a project to conserve rain water to nourish the trees.”
“Indeed!” exclaimed Grandmother, “You are going to help build up a world without hunger.”



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