Article on "importance of Water"

                                         Water should be Everybody’s Business 

                                                                                                     Aroopjyoti Tripathy,
                                                                                                         Graduate Student,
                                                                                    Ecological Engineering Program,
                                                                                                 Purdue University,USA.

Numerous tales have been told about rich kings who were richer than the Gods and of poor beggars who survived days without food, but never has a story been told of any man who has lived without “Water”. If the soul is the one which gives life to a body, water is a major entity that helps in sustaining this life. In simple terms, “Water is Life”. I strongly support the notion that water should be everybody’s business. 

Water not only sustains life, but it also sustains our economies. Agriculture and industries both require water being operational. Outside the human needs, fresh water is required to keep the ecosystems healthy. Most importantly water makes three fourth of the earth’s surface and balances the biophysical makeup of the planet. It is because of water that life has been possible on this planet.


Rainfall along with the ice and glacier caps happens to be the main sources of world’s fresh water, both blue and green. But in today’s world, global climate change has lead to anomalies in rainfall pattern and it has also lead to melting of the ice caps, posing a threat to world’s water resources; and to make things worse, the ever increasing human population and his development, has lead to increase in fresh water demand. Now if we consider water as a necessary commodity, which is required to sustain life, then these changes in the world’s climate and rapid anthropological developments has brought about disturbances in the water supply and demand balance. With the demand for water going up, the supply has been going down, which is gradually pushing the planet into terrible water stressed scenario. 

With imbalances being caused and clean fresh water becoming a costly commodity, it has become so, that today “Water flows towards the Rich”. Such a trend will cause the poor to suffer economically and will ultimately starve him to his obliteration. It has become a need of the hour to make access to fresh water a birth right for all human beings. 

People should understand the importance of water for themselves, for the society and for the creation as a whole. Every man should be provided access to fresh water, but more importantly each one of us should be made accountable for the water we use and the water we waste. Only if water is made everybody’s business, and all men realize how important water is for us, we stand a chance to fight together and alleviate the world of its current water crisis. After all, someone has correctly said, “Thousands have lived without Love, but none without Water”.



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