Esteemed Artist Sri Sudhansu Sekhara Satapathy

Guruji Sri Sudhansu Sekhara Satapathy

Honourable Artist Sri Sudhansu Sekhara Satapathy is an illustrious Spiritual artist who believes that meditation is an integral part of painting. He was born in 1955 in the state of Odisha in India. He was introduced to yoga at the age of eight by his maternal grandfather who was also instrumental in teaching him the basics of Ayurveda, astrology and various Hindu worship rituals such as Yagna. He completed his formal education in arts and four years of training in Khalikot Arts College in Berhempur. During early period of his painting career he came across his Spiritual Guide called as “Babaji” His Holiness Trailanga Swami. He was the direct disciple of “Babaji”. Esteemed Artist’s whole striving has been to connect his spiritual life with his creations. He says “The visualisation in deep meditation is what I depict in my art.” He had created many marvelous art works on the Bhagvat Geeta, Raaga-Raginis(Indian forms of music), Sri Aurobondo’s Epic “Savitri”. During his detailed work on Savitri, when he finished 72 paintings on abstract mysticism, he simultaneously concentrated on ancient Indian literature- Vedas and Vedantas. He started studying the vedas in original and after several years of intense concentration he started working on Vedic Mantras. He believes that the Vedic Mantras have a form that can be reproduced by a man who has both the technique to draw, the depth of knowledge to understand the Mantras and the right training to retain the image formed in deep meditation. By then the Honoured Artist had more than 20 years experience in meditation and yoga, had finished numerous paintings and had gone through several books on Indian philosophy, often discussing with other great masters. In 1989 he worked on Rig Veda. The Rig Veda is considered one of the four sacred books of Hinduism and held with high regard by the learned. While working on Vedic verses he started exploring methods of Vedic teaching and education. The Talent Research and Vedic Education Center founded by him in 1989 situated at Bhubaneswar has been growing as the hub of Vedic way of teaching. In this institute according to the Vedic system a student learns under a master or Guru various aspects of knowledge like yoga, art, painting, medicine and identification of medicinal plants and karmakanda (upliftment through action and worship). 



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