Bijaylaxmi Sarangi

We know from Hindu mythology that Gods and Demons together churned the ocean to get the nectar. As per the Vedic opinion, Gods represent the divine qualities and the demons the material qualities. Without the mutual efforts of both the forces, churning of the Ocean was not possible. Similarly in all the attainments, a coalition is established between the material and spiritual manifestations. In humans, both types of powers are present unremittingly. Material power is concerned with the senses and spiritual power with the consciousness. All the happenings in human life are the result of either equilibrium or disequilibrium of these forces.

Life has emerged from eternity. Humans possess that divine nectar within themselves. Knowingly or unknowingly all the humans are in quest of that nectar. But like a musk deer who is not aware about the scent in its own navel, human is ignorant about his eternal status. He gets surprised at many happenings in his mundane life. And sparsely can he believe that everything is the reflection of his own divine state. In this context a quote from Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda – Vol II P 249 can be sited. There is neither nature, nor God, nor the universe, only that one Infinite Existence, out of which, through name and form, all these are manufactured. How to know the Knower? It cannot be known. How can you see your own Self? You can only reflect yourself. So all this universe is the reflection of that One Eternal Being, the Atman, and as the reflection falls upon good or bad reflectors, so good or bad images are cast up.”

If the material manifestation of being (including the acts of senses) becomes a good reflector, life is made blissful. There are two pre-requisites for this to happen- the first being churning of wishes and the second one is churning of cognition. Churning of wishes means to classify, select and to awaken the wish. Churning of cognition means to awaken and sharpen the intelligence, thought, imagination and the power of reasoning. Success in these two areas elucidates all other successes.

There is a beautiful Zen story. It follows as - When a student asks Zen master about how he would prepare himself for his training, the Zen master replies, “think me of a bell. Give me a soft tap, and you will get a tiny ping. Strike hard, and you will receive a loud, resounding peal.” In this short story there lies a secret message for all. Here the Zen master wants to convey to his student that his hankering and efforts will determine how much he can get of his Guru’s help and cooperation and how much knowledge is he going to acquire. This message is applicable everywhere else. Achievement depends on the intensity of the wish. Wish and its intensity mostly guide the subconscious plane. This subconscious plane mostly controls the material and spiritual happenings in human life.

‘Mind’ is very powerful because it rules over all the senses. Its speed is incomparable. Also it is very supple. So it’s very difficult to control mind. But with the help of reasoning, mind selects the apt desire. It in turn requires wishing with a greater intensity and degree, what emerges naturally and chiefly is awakened from mind. Intellect is one among the four attributes of ‘consciousness’ as per the Vedanta Philosophies. These are ego, intellect, mind and memory. As per the Sankhya philosophy, intellect is of two types, viz. permanent and impermanent. Permanent intellect is of eternal being, the supreme soul and impermanent intellect is of humans. (Purnachandra Bhassha Kosha) As butter is found when curd is churned, observation and working on impermanent intellect gives rise to permanent or supreme intellect.

The power of desire makes every impossible possible. A skeletal body comes out victorious and becomes more lively fighting with death; all the unfavorable situations become ladder of success only by the intensity of wish or desire. How does it happen? The strong wish becomes a prayer. This prayer is nothing else than meditation that clarifies the existence of God within oneself. To think of the subject of desire continually is meditation and prayer. The hunger to achieve the same elucidates and sharpens the intelligence and ultimately results in success. The source of every happiness begins from one’s own self. So human has the right to know that state of eternity within himself. For this to happen, let churning of desire and churning of cognition be the intents of all beings. Let mutual functioning of both the material and spiritual powers illuminate every life.



The article has explained the intricate thought very well and is easily understood..

While reading scriptures, chanting names of gods and visiting temples help the mind to discipline itself by gradually eschewing all thoughts other than God, these alone would not do. It is only the churning of the mind as the editor has put it that will ultimately banish all material thoughts of senses and only in the stillness and silence of the mind when the senses are dissolved, the mind goes beyond to a higher level of consciousness.

It is only then that the mind perceives the oneness of Supreme and realizes there is no duality. It realizes that it is a part of the Supreme and though a part is complete in itself as the all pervasive Supreme. We need not go elsewhere in search of it when it is within us. Once that state is reached, a heavenly inner peace descends even in the midst of day to day life with all its pains and sufferings

I'm most impressed by your writing. Short of getting into the analyzing of the subject matter I liked most the expression 'Life has emerged from eternity'. Philosophically speaking our words, any words, by their own nature cannot describe/define/give a sense of such an event. Well done!

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