Sruti Dhara Mohanty 
Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala

Art by-John William Waterhouse

You never know 
how time goes.. 
like a wave 
has touched or so 
time flies like wind unseen 
and undefined.. 

I stand in midst of crowd 
to find the images of 
time in me! 

Time has wings to fly 
but yes, never to return close by 
even I memorize a moment 
for few moments.
I forget I already have wasted 
a time of coming future 
and a good present.. 
what I had and what will I have 
is question of time 
but the fate has made me mime 
still I stand to find 
an answer to every question 
my situation makes.. 
I am standing to 
defeat the time and 
to catch its wing and 
make it mine.. 
I know one day 
I may run before 
time.. but 
would I be 
there to catch 
the Time!

I look at life as a gift of God. Now that he wants it back I have no right to complain.
Joyce Cary



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