SRI AUROBINDO

All life here is a stage or a circumstance in an unfolding progressive evolution of a spirit that has involved itself in matter and is labouring to manifest itself in that reluctant substance. This is the whole secret of earthly existence. Evolution in its essence is not the development of a more and more organized body or a more and more efficient life- these are only its machinery and outward circumstance. Evolution is the strife of a consciousness somnambulised in matter to wake and be free and find and possess itself and all its possibilities to the very utmost and wisest, to the very last and highest. Evolution is the emancipation of a self-revealing Soul secret in Form and Force, the slow becoming of Godhead, the growth of a spirit. In this evolution mental man is not the goal and end, the completing value, the highest last significance; he is too small and imperfect to be the crown of all the travail Nature. From the cold and metal to the plant, from the plant to the animal, from the animal to man, so much has she completed of her journey…. As from matter to life, from life to mind, so now she must pass from mind to supermind, from man to superman….



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