Sudhansu Sekhar Prusty 

Someone is, somewhere, 
Deep within me 
I know not if anyone can feel, 
cause I never make a show off 
I never mind what others think or say… 
Still I believe someone is there, somewhere, 
Deep within me 

With eyes open wide, I see her sight, 
and feel her within, by closing my eyes…. 
her thoughts make up her absence, 
although not being near me I feel her presence 
Which make all the sense to me 
No one knows, what does she mean
On whom only, I can lean. 

Yes, it’s true I have her desire 
And this adds to the fire 
The flame of love 
Burning deep within me, 
No one can see, or hear….. 
Cause I love to burn alone
in thought of her…. 
No one can ever take her place. 
For I know her abode is my only rest
She is only mine 
Her presence adds the gleam of life 
Her touch so intent and filling 
I love her now and ever, 
I love her to the fullest 
I swear my life 
as she is ……now here. 
And she is there, somewhere 
deep within me…… 



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