Esteemed Artist Priti Ghosh

Priti Ghosh is an eminent Indian spiritual artist and a resident of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. From her very childhood she has been staying at Puducherry in south India. She studied art from an early age under Master Artist Sri Sanjiban Biswas. She was also helped technically by eminent sadhaka artists of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, namely Jayantilal, Krishnalal, Prembhai and Shri Sanjiban Biswas. It was with the latter that she matured into an artist learning the technique of using water colours and oil colours in different moods of her paintings and thus widening her aesthetic perceptions. The Mother, who herself was a great artist guided and inspired Priti in her artistic development. Seeing a landscape painted by the young artist, the Mother had commented "photography can depict the external beauty of Nature far more faithfully than an artist. Try to draw whatever comes from within. My blessings will always be with you so that the artistic perception awakens in you." Under the love and guidance of the Divine Mother she bloomed as a spiritual artist experimenting with mystic and deeper world in her art. For her, art is the expression of visionary states depicting the drama of inner life where various aspiring forces working together for spiritual transformation. She exquisitely amalgamates the western concept of impressionism with Indian concept of mysticism in her art. All her paintings based on sheer abstraction have been acclaimed by viewers within and outside India. Her paintings have a language which speaks of the serene and inner beauty of Man and Nature. Her artistic spiritual disposition brings in a wave of spiritual feel in the domain of Indian art.

                                                        ©- SriAurobindo Ashram Puducherry



Could someone please supply an e-mail address for Priti? I need to contact her regarding copyright on one of her paintings. Thanks!

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