Rajlaxmi Hatibaruah

She looked delightful, draped in an exquisite maroon sequin saree. After an exhaustive search in three cities, I had selected from the limited edition Romana bridal wear collection. It was her dream to wear one of these and so was mine. The silver beads shimmered under the bright halogen light, but appeared pale when compared to the electrifying appearance of my sister. Receiving gifts on the podium, she was happy and in love. 
The marriage reception was thrown at our home. It was my Dad’s desire to host the big day on the ground of her childhood. Relieved to have finally obtained the approving nod from Dad, my brother-in-law was more than happy to fulfill his wish. 

I could see Mom animatedly talking with my aunts, bragging on her son-in-law’s profession. She was at peace now, to finally have one of her daughters settled. 
“So what did that old witch say, that you are hiding here”, I almost jumped in fright by the sudden intervention of my cousin. 
“Not like that. I came here to adjust my make up.” 
“As if you are going to woo someone!! Don’t you lie to me.” 
“I am not lying. Take this tray and serve the guests.” I handed him the tray and pushed him out of the room. 

Yeah, I was lying. Meeta Mami was back with her bickering on how girls bring shame to the family if you let them work in big cities, citing me as the perfect example. My parents never started the topic after I threatened them that I would leave forever. My sister though cried buckets. But I couldn’t stop the wagging tongues of my relatives, while the neighbours enjoyed spicing up the topic of younger daughter being married before the eldest, who has sworn to bachelorhood after her romantic escapades in the big city. 

My fairy tale ended 5 years back when after dating for 4 years, it dawned on my beau that I wasn’t the perfect life partner. I left him the day he asked me to. Time couldn’t subside the pain. Life never went back on the same track. 

I heard he married a year after our break up. I wasn’t happy for him. I could never be. 
I saw my sister hurrying towards me. Hiding the tears that had unknowingly appeared, I looked away. 
“This is a family function and I have pictures with Sonu, Monu and Kaku but not with you.” 
“I don’t like to be clicked.” 
“Who are you kidding?” and with that she dragged me towards the stage where a horde of relatives and my parents were waiting. 
A series of “say cheese” and” smile please” followed, after which I pulled myself from the clamor. 
But I was happy today, to see my little sister make the big move. 

It was past midnight when the hub hub had slowed down. My sister had left for her new home, while Dad and I were trying in vain to arrange the chaos that was left behind. 
“I wanted this to be a small affair, but your sister invited the whole city.” He said jokingly. 
“It’s her day Dad.” 
“Yeah. If only I will be alive to see your big day.” He whispered to himself. 
“Oh look your mom is serving coffee, I hope she lets me have one.” With that he rushed towards her. 
Dad was like me or maybe it was the other way. Hiding emotions was never one of the traits we possessed. He could never camouflage the pain in his eyes and I couldn’t do anything to alleviate it. 
Or rather, I didn’t want to. Pain wasn’t the souvenir of love, but my bundle of joy, sleeping in the next room was. 



I do not want to sound biased, but this writing has something classy, something very elegant about it :)) While editing, there were quite a number of good english writings submitted but almost each one of them needed some editing or alteration. But this one pleased my heart so much the moment I read it, it didn't need even a dot to be put anywhere, it's so oily smooth and so crisply written -- a very polished writing style, the flair so very evident with such a balanced flow of words, and the best thing of all, it's a short story in the true sense ~ short, crisp and yet impactful... Simply exquisite.
We are looking forward to get to read some more writings from Miss Rajlaxmi Hatibaruah in the future. Best Wishes :))

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