Lesson of life

Tarang Sinha

She was watching television. Every news channel was raging with the fight against corruption. She changed the channel and started to watch songs and tried to search some good films. But her mind was stuck to the news channels. She returned back to them. The entire nation was supporting the anti corruption campaign to make the country corruption free.
Her throat choked to see the energy of youths. Even old age people and children were participating. They were lighting candles in support.
One part of her heart wanted to go and light candles in support but how could she?

Her husband was an ordinary but honest government employee. But she was not happy. She always compared her life with high society people. Their lifestyle fascinated her immensely but her monthly income was not enough to add luxuries in their life.
“Many people are earning so much money and making their lives better. They have all the luxuries of life and fulfill all the desires of their children but we?”
“Doesn’t matter what other people are doing. We can have our daily meals. We are educating our children. We have the peace of mind. What else do you want?” Her husband would say.

“Huh! Peace of mind. Just eating and sending our child to government school is not life. Just look around you, how people live lavishly! Madhu always displays her new jewelries to me. Neena is going for a long vacation with her family to Goa.” She said rolling her eyes. “And we are always stuffed in this small old house. I haven’t bought a single earring after marriage.” Her tone turned nagging and it became a daily business. Everyday as her husband would return back home from office, exhausted, she would start nagging at her high volume.

After a year her husband started to do what she wanted him to. Their life became plentiful gradually. Her nagging stopped. After three years she had everything in her life to show off. Her face beamed with happiness and pride. But one day her husband got arrested because of taking bribe and some scam in his department.
How could she take part in anti corruption movement when she herself is corrupt and had pushed her honest husband into the quagmire of corruption?

“So what once she held the hands of dishonesty? It has made her learn the lesson of life.” Her inner voice suggested. “In the greed of gaining the luxuries in life she has made her husband lose his dignity. She lost peace. Her children felt bad in the society.” Her eyes got filled with tears and heart with grief and regret. “But now she knows the gist of life. Honesty is the best asset one can have in life. She too will extend her hand of support in this movement!” She thought resolutely.



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