The Girl in Black Top

Swateek Jena
This one is for the girl of my dream,
real or not but this is what I feel,
May it come true once in my life,
and let the girl be my wife!

Every morning at the start of my day,
her name is the first words
that my lips would say,
Happy and smiling I move out of bed,
To strive and paint my world red.

Ask me the reason I love her for,
you'll find me silent..
Not that I have none,
But there are thousands to choose from.

Fresh is the memory of our first meet,
When I was shy and she was sweet,
Our talks were short and paused long,
I would name the moment- an implicit song…

Pleasure it was at such high,
Wish it never bade a forever good-bye,
Memories are the only thing that remains,
The 'Girl in Black top' has the reins.

I don't promise her the pleasures of heaven,
Ones that is short and easily spent,
But whatever it is that comes our way,
together we'll stand to laugh it away.

Still waiting for her reply to come,
She might change but I won't..
I still feel the same that I always did-
“Have loved her and always will”.



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